ARMTEK – (2011) is the leading company in cars spare parts supply. The company operates a number of warehouses in Moscow region. One of these warehouses is equipped with fully automated MUVA system by LODIGE & PROFTECH. The important specific of the project is the followed: the MUVA itself and twelve rollgangs were supplied by LODIGE. This equipment has been installed and tuned by Proftech. And the control system has been designed, developed and commissioned by Proftech too.

SKOLKOVO – (2012) was the first and the only High Potentioal test of the XLPE cable lines 220 and 500KV in Russia. Skolkovo was supposed to be a Russian version Silicon Walley. Its infrastucture is being feed by 500kV underground substation.  And this is linked to Moscow Energy Ring by cable lines 500kV and 220kV. Skolkovo project was initiated by Russian president – Dmitry Medvedev, and become so important that new testing technologies were implemented there to ensure stable and reliable mains supply.

The test equipment  – HIGHVOLT WRV systems.

NIZHNEVARTOVSK – (2013) Proftech supplied and installed the components for the new block of the Power Plant Nizhnevartovskaya.

The components – Generator Circuit Breakers, made by ALSTOM.