Let’s be straight: there is no need to do business if it does not generate the money.
There are hundreds of companies who declare: We support your business in Russia. Usually  this looks something like this:

  • International and Russia related tax consultancy
  • Legal advice in Russia
  • IT consulting and 1C consulting
  • Legal consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Management Training
  • SAP

These things above – are about how to spend money, but not how to make money. And unfortunately there is nothing about your business acitivies. We’re not just consulting company. We’re the team who is doing business in Russia and know what your really need to apply your business skills here and how to make proper conditions for this to do not let you sink in routine tasks. Let us work with you to make money, but not to spend. We’re different becauuse we’re concentrated on the result, not on the process.

We help western companies to enter and work Russian for 15 years.  Therefore If you really want to start business here – there are many things you need to learn. So each post and each word you find here is real.

This site is corporate. The ProfTech Consulting is a company with a wide range of business competence.  We help and assist western business to start and work in CIS market and to be effective here. We’ve been always operating like a smart gateway between Russia and outer world. The fact is: Russia is still focused on itself. Self-focused, self-concentrated. It is special. From the  side, the western people are always staying in an illusions that doing business in Russia shall be similar to some other place they know. Completely wrong. In most cases it is more difficult and risky comparing to other countries.

Altogetherr, these two aspects make the fruitful cooperation almost impossible, regardless how good and smart people stay in both parties. In 100% Russia stays a world behind the looking-glass for western people. And they are 50% right.

So ProfTech Consulting team have come a long way to get enlightened. And now we are. We want you touch our world and stay with us. From our side, we get to the buttom of the mystery who is who and what is what here.

You can do business make money in Russia. You can do business and loose money. There is no universal rule – how to be successfull. But it needs always understand what you are doing now. Don’t be consfused: we work in the CIS (ex-USSR) countries and EU both. Our strongest skill is to help the foreight companies to enter to Russia safely and to work here rationally.

Currently we operate a group of companies is Russia and EU. Also we have a pool of proven partners around the world. Altogether these companies serve the needs of ourselves and our partners.  These are just tools which help to implement your business ideas safely and intelligent.

Defenitely Russia and CIS region belongs to emerging markets. Especially since  the telenovela “Sanctions and Antisanctions” debuted it became even more interesting and spectacular.

Welcome here. Follow us. Contact us. Time is money. Good relationship is priceless.

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