Has the ice broken?


We do not care about your sanctions!

Last round of US sanctions against Russia in April 2018 had notable but shor-term effect to the economics. In preamble to them, the reaction of Russian experts and officials was quite tranquil. Noone demonstrated any concern and it looked that the sanctions will be another profanation. However as soon as the sanctions became pronounced it was a kind of shock. Russian currency lost about 10 pecent against USD at once. The stock got the fever and Russian officials had to appear on TV and calm down the country.

April sanctions demonstrated how easy it is to make RUSAL dead. RUSAL – one of the biggest Russian industrial companies. Its turnover 10 Billion USD does not look impressive, but on the landshaft of Russian economics it is much. Also these troubles of RUSAL owner – Mr. Deripaska clearly point how weak is the orbit of Russian President.

This time it looks much worse. A few days prior to publishing the sanctions the situation on Russian mass-media can be called as panic. No more brave statements, no wrathful rebukes. Just some squeals, whining and wailing. All signs show this turn of sanction is special and I expect some important things to happen soon.

Defenitely new package of US sanctions contains some painful options, which make the patriot’s arses burning. This is something personal and something what really differs to what we saw in the past.

In short time we’ll see what is Trump’s gift.