Business juice

The common and widespread practice in Russia to squeeze a business to get some money is to initiate a crime investigation. The power given to investigators is immense and laws are very comfortable for this. There is no problem to arrest any person for months and even years just by the order of an ivestigator. This works.

This way is quite ineffective from money point of view: the business being ruined does not bring much money. Therefore to get $1 these ghouls destroy business things for thousand. But these people in power does not know other ways how to get money. Yes, very barbariс and rough approach.

Although, this year, close to President elections, a puppet candidate – Mr. Titove initiated a process to ligitimate somehow businessmen in exile living abroad. Some moths this intention have not got visible support of domineering politicals. But recently a quite powerful structure – Investigating Commetee decided to cancel arrest of four businessmen to let them come back. Nice? Is there really no money in Kremlin?

March 2018 it did not look like the governors are interested even a little to implement the idea of Mr. Titov (he has presented a list of dozens of russian businessmen who want to coma back). And now, 4 month later the first four businesmen I would say – “forgiven”. Interesting twist in tough politics of ex-KGB officers. Very unusual. It seems this activity is a kind of reward to Mr. Titov for his role of a teethless presidental candidate.