Falling into the trap

Preamble: Russia is going to develop a reusable rocket to 2022 link

Many years ago, I lived in the country where everything was made locally USSR. Everything means everything – from underware and teethbrushes to computers and spaceships. Unfortunately, some goods were produced in  amount less than required. Toilet paper was permanent insufficient.  And this situation generates stable demand to newspapers. This paradox lead to a saying, that Russia – the most reading country in toiletts.

So, at the dawn of this country story, there were two mega projects, which aim was to show Sovjet Power: Sovjet Concord = ultrasonic TU 144 and Sovjet Shuttle = Buran. Both projects cost infinite money and were closed right after beginning of use. Because of theirs futility.

TU 144 was too loud too expensive and too dangerous. And its operation stopped in one year after start. Russian Shuttle – Buran made just one flight and was not used anymore due to its extreme cost of use.

Both projects were started to show the West that their achivements can be reproduced, like it was with B29. But it fact these convulsions just shorten the life time of USSR. And now, this Russian SpaceX Falcon is notig, but Buran-2.