Horror time – Summa minus

The first significat act of old new President is the crucifying of Summa corporation. The group of companies capitalisation is more than 10 billion USD. This is a good time to smash and bowel another Yucos.

Magomedov – the member of the 5th reachest family in Russia.

Magomedov and his family is protege of Medvedev and Dvorkovich. Nevertheless it looks there is no question what what the future has been prepared for Magomedov business – his number goes up.

The interesting thing is the investigation is being performing by:

1. Police -Nikolay Budilo (Hermitage Capital investigator, presented within so called  “Magnitsky list”)

2. FSB -colonel Ivan Tkachev (the supervisor of Ulukaev deal, Argentina Heroin deal)

3. Main Directorate for Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (this is the first investigation of this Directorate since in 2016 the Leytenant colonel of this Directorate Mr. Zakharchenko has been charged with a crime and arrested with 200 M USD cash in Moscow).

That’s clear there is no other way and we’ll see nothing but toughening the system. Welcome to the world of repressions.

The Indictment of Magomedov brothers is seriously heavy, more serious than indictment of Khodorkovsy. Therefore – no chance for them. Sorry.