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The new old russian president is Vladimir Putin.

Is it good or bad for Russia and for Europe? At very first look a man in the street says it is good for Russia and bad for Europe. Well, lets think.

What does Russia need? Russia need progress. But Russians dream for “stability”. But as far the progress always means transformation and instability, it does not fit each other. However Russia strongly believes that: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. And Putin is this bird. Yes, he provides ineffective but tough policy. In his view to be the patriot is to be in his team, because he thinks he is the only who knows what’s to do. So, anyway, Putin is the dead end for Russia whereas everyday of his lead makes the lag between Russia and so called “first world countries” just bigger.

So, I’d say that Putin slows down and braking the country what always causes total transformation in the future. What in fact is bad.

What does Europe need? Europe needs new markets and vivid demonstration of one’s superiority. Taking into account uncredble progress of China, these needs are not so easy to satisfy. China dictates business terms, force out from the market European companies and becomes more rich every year. And the same time, Russia demonstrates all symtoms of erroneous regulation. This red bogy appeared in proper time. So, defenitely it provides european politics more benefits than disadvantages.

Also, looking back to Russian history, there is no doubt that in some time, sooner or later Russia will rush to catch up Europe listening to every word of “enlightened Europeans”. All this will follow to the conclusion that Putin is the perfect leader of Russia to show again  the fiasco of isolation of the largest country in the World.