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The idea to enter CIS market might be a good thing, indeed!
At the same time there are so many questions arise immediately:

  • How to start doing business in Russia legally?
  • How to sell to Russia successfully?
  • How to deliver to Russia properly?

We’ll carefully support you at each phase of your business development to make its progress smoother and stable. Business activities as well as phases of business development. And we’re pleased to provide you with our assistance in followed tasks:

Initial work:

  • Market analytics and marketing reports;
  • Market strategy and marketing events;
  • Organization of short-term activities  (exhibitions, seminars, business trips);
  • Organization of long-term (project) work  (weeks, months, years);
  • Direct executions of your tasks and missions;
  • Visa, registration and legal support;

Sales support:

  • Your contact point/person in CIS;
  • Translation and meetings holdings;
  • Bidding and contracting;
  • Contract audit;
  • Project budget;

Project work:

  • Purchasing of material and services locally;
  • Transport, lifting, storage, handling of goods and materials;
  • On-site support, manpower;
  • Certificates and permits;
  • Interrelationship with authorities;
  • Resupply operations;
  • Warranty cases;
  • Maintenance and spare parts;
  • Localization of documents according to local requirements;
  • Urgent delivery;
  • Working permits for your personell;
  • Local personell and conpanies for your tasks;

Other services:

  • Local suppliers and partners;
  • Recruitment;
  • Claim settlement and representation in national courts;
  • Incorporation of local office, branch or subsidiary;
  • On-demand and case-to-case consulting;
  • Security check of your business partner;

Our mission is to assist you to build a successful business in this uneasy market. We care about your business because this is pur business too.